creative green for children
creative green for children

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Inspiration suitcase

Inspiration suitcase

is a suitcase which contains 30 laminated photo collages, each of them displaying a wide variety of practices, both in the Netherlands and in neighbouring countries like Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. Springzaad has developed the suitcase as an inspiration source for all those wanting to design more challenging, adventurous natural playgrounds around schools, daycares centres, in parks, etc. The suitcase can be ordered through Springzaad.


1. Flat area?
A more graded terrain literally provides more space and enhances varied play. An exciting natural playground starts with a good design.     Images

2. Tall trees for climbing
From the top of a tree, you’ll get a unique scenic view: a different perspective, a safe hiding place. And under the tree, you’ll find cooling shadow ...        Images

3. Cut down trees
Fantastic play objects for climbing, jumping, balancing, relaxing.      Images

4. Green ‘evergreens’
Swing, seesaw, slide, climbing object …      Images

5. Bushes
Ideal places for hiding, both for children and birds.     Images

6. Tree huts and shelters
No better hut than your own built hut.    Images

7. Rafts
Floating, sinking and sailing. Playing with water, with small and large objects.     Images

8. Water, source of life
Look at all those living creatures in the water! Hands-on learning and discovering.     Images

9. Amazing flowers!
The earth smiles in colours and smells.    Images

10. Flying free
Butterflies, birds and bats will love your nature garden.     Images

11. Small animals searching for a home
Hotels and hostels for bees, earwigs and other small critters.    Images

12. Herbs
Stimulate and delight the senses. A herb spiral needs little space.     Images

13. Fruits
Delicious, healthy and attractive. From orchard to strawberry patch.     Images 

14. Kitchen garden
From sowing to harvesting. It’s fun to grow, harvest and eat your own vegetables!     Images

15. Baking bread and buns
Growing grains – making fire – baking bread and buns.     Images

16. Cycle of life
Life – death – new life – and …     Images
17. Water, sand and stones
Nothing like playing with natural elements!     Images
18. Building with straw and clay
Muddling with mud is fun.      Images
19. Exploring gravity
How to build stable with recycled material.    Images
20. Magic wands
Build flexible with willow.     Images
21. Mosaic
Lively and colourful throughout the seasons.     Images
22. Artistic
Sculptures that educate, by and for children.     Images

23. Language and signs
Connecting symbols, provoking imagination.     Images
24. Soundart
Let's not forget to please our ears!     Images
25. Amphitheater or outdoor classroom
Playing and learning in a classroom setting.     Images
26. Places to sit
Places for time-out – private or for common gatherings.   Images
27. Path-finding
Secret paths; for running, sneaking, walking.    Images
28. Green boundaries and gates
Creating safe places and making natural connections.    Images
29. An eco-building
Organic symbiosis of architecture and nature.   Images

30. Small but nice
Mini-gardens, for those who only have limited space.   Images

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